7 thoughts on “Tu hi jane….

    1. Sir is there any idea to reach more people on WordPress… i don’t west my money by take any plans.. because i do paintings too …and it’s all for my happiness… so i don’t earned from that…


      1. All I have done is to inform all my friends on FB and others and went on coaxing them to read, write comments and also tell their own friends about it. In the present era of Internet and mobile phones people in general are not inclined to read anything that requires them to click on any links or even open any additional webpage. Many times I cut and paste the story on the FB page itself and on whatsapp directly. Some people read it sometimes and reply that it was good. Then I have to tell them and request them to go to my webpage and write comments on the comments box. So it is a slow painful process. Are you on whatsapp? or FB?

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  1. Invite me on FB and we can be in touch. I can introduce you to at least three other poetesses that I know. They regularly post their poems like you but on FB. The readers need not have a WordPress account. They just have to go to your website address. I tried to find you on FB but drew a blank for some reason. Are you on FB under your own name??

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